6 Tips for Writing for the Magazine Market

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Here are a couple of tips on breaking into the magazine market and working effectively with magazine editors.

1. Do your exploration before you pitch. Ensure you know about the magazine, its substance, and its essayist’s rules before you make your article pitch. You would prefer not to pitch an article thought that has nothing to do with points the magazine ordinarily distributes. Likewise, look into whether the magazine acknowledges pitches from consultants and what percent. On the off chance that a magazine just distributes 5 percent of its substance from consultants, then your chances of getting something distributed in that magazine are lower than a magazine that distributes 75 of independent substance.

2. Do what you state you will do except if the editorial manager requests something different. At the point when you pitch the article, incorporate what the article will be about, the snare or edge, who you will meet and word check. On the off chance that the editorial manager acknowledges your pitch, fantastic. Compose the article. In any case, be set up for the proofreader to make recommendations or solicitations. For instance, the manager may acknowledge your pitch however ask that the article be a lot shorter or longer than what you had pitched. The editorial manager knows better how much space she can give your article. Make certain to adhere to her rules on the off chance that you need to compose for her once more.

3. Be anything but difficult to work with and responsive. Ensure you react to the editorial manager right away if there’s an issue, question or concern. She may get some information about photos to oblige your article. Try not to react that that is not your activity. Work with her to give her the outcome she needs. She may request that you work with the picture taker. Do it. Do whatever you can to make this a simple process.

4. Be on schedule. Ensure you present your article by the proofreader’s cutoff time. Editors live incredible cutoff times. As an essayist, you will live beyond words their cutoff times moreover. If there’s some explanation you can’t make the cutoff time, let the editorial manager know at the earliest opportunity. Try not to anticipate that that proofreader should need to work with you again on the off chance that you missed the cutoff time regardless of the explanation.

5. Compose well. Make certain to compose the best article you can, check the spelling, check the punctuation and mechanics then edit your article a couple of times before submitting it.

6. Express profound gratitude. When you present the article, tell the manager thanks and disclose to her you anticipate working with her once more. When you build up a good affinity, she’ll start searching you out for assignments.

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